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Article: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Reveals Poor Quality Control

Yeah mine seemed to have a 6 inch scratch in the glass or something. It was only visible under light or when cleaning the screen with screen cleaning liquid. I sent it back today because of the screen, some resets, wifi disconnects, and inconsistencies.
I have to agree with this. My first unit had awful light bleeding and my second unit had three dead pixels. I just got my money back.

Because. . .ya know. . quality checking the thing at the store is SO MUCH of a hassle, even reporters can't do it...
There is definitely some percentage of quality issue. I had to return my first one due to charging port issue. It only charge one specific way. The replacement can charge however I plug in. Anyway, not sure if I agree with the chicken scratches mentioned in the article. My is one day old and has not yet use the pen. I can see those marking on mine when hold against light at certain angle. But those are NOT scratches. They are some kind of touch grid. It appears to be at the inside of the panel. I saw similar thing on different tablet.
I haven't had any issues with SP3 quality control (knock on wood) but the Type Cover 3 quality control is TERRIBLE.

There was a "pimple" on my first one which made the cover look uneven. It was noticeable from any angle, and if you touched it it felt really sharp like there was a nail or something sticking out of it.

MS Store exchanged it with no questions asked, but I opened the replacement in the store just to make sure there were no problems with the new one. I am glad I did, because the felt was torn in the corner on the brand new one and the circuit board was sticking out!

I showed them at the store and they were stunned. I apologized for making them open so many. They opened a third and it's is (almost perfect). Only gripe is that the touchpad is a little uneven at the top edge (left side is lower than the right side) but it's barely noticeable.
Am I the only one who got a good machine? From this forum it looks like everyone got a shitty SP3 Pro, this is getting ridiculous.
I have bezel separation along the top of the unit - when in landscape. It is not terrible, but is noticeable. I ordered mine online from MS, not sure if it is worth the effort to return and take chances on another unit.

fwiw, my family has been through 4 ipads and 8 iphones and have never experienced any sort of hardware 'defect' right out of the box.
Don't worry. You are not alone. You just are in the wrong thread. There is a thread specially opened for those without issues.


Getting a 'good' machine and being a 'happy' user are not mutually exclusive. My machine has bezel separation - it shouldn't. Simple as that. So technically I didn't get a good machine. That said, it is fairly minor (hopefully it doesn't get worse) and I am indeed happy with the unit overall.