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Surface Pro 3 Poor material quality


I've had my SP3 for four months now and I absolutely love it, my only problem is that I am extremely cautious with all my technology including my Surface which I always take in my sleeve and on the special pocket in my backpack, I've never dropped it. My problem is that my SP3 has damage in all the corners and also on the side, I have never hit neither dropped my device so I find it really strange and the only reason I may fin is a poor material quality. Any other experiencing this issues.


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It is made of metal (magnesium) just like the previous SPs. It just has a silver coating this time instead of black.

To the op:
I just checked mine and I see (really really) miniscule scratch mark on a couple of corners and I've had mine now for about eight months. I take this to be the effect of wear and tear from daily use.


Maybe it's because I really take care of my devices but I find it pretty disappointing, specially if I compare it to my 2012 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina, I use it under similar conditions but the MB has 3 more years of usage and it has no scratch at all.
I love the Surface but I feel mine looks to bad for a few months of usage


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8 months not even a scratch for my SP3... my Surface RT only has a small dent in one corner, years of usage. I use 2 Cote&Ciel sleeves for both.


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What's that sleeve made of, sandpaper? clearly a wear mark from rubbing the corners, it must fit very tight.


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The first picture looks to me like a hit. In my opinion it's normal and you need to use a different sleeve.


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Mine get's chucked into a messenger bag every day without a sleeve and amoung pens and chargers and an angular wooden box, keys, lanyards etc. Not a problem here.

I think i have to agree with the rest and say that maybe it is your sleeve and not the surface.


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I believe it's a magnesium alloy therefore the coating is probably anodized which is quite hard wearing but clearly can be damaged. Once it is damaged in part of an assembly such as a computer it can't really be repaired, only touched up.


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Could even be zipper damage from the sleeve, especially they way that one corner looks nicked.
Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to de-sleeve. :D