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Article: SP4 & SB Firmware Updates Released 1/22/16?!


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Surface Pro and Surface Book Firmware Rolling Out with New Intel Graphics Driver

Today, Microsoft is rolling out what is supposed to be a massive fix in a firmware update for its Surface Pro and Surface Book line. Both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have been under serious customer scrutiny since launch. Both have received numerous updates and firmware upgrades to try and fix problems that aren’t just annoyance, but productivity limiting. Try using a Surface Book for a day and you’ll come across a bevy of problems in just that short time.

So, today’s firmware update should provide some ease – but it’s always best to keep your fingers crossed. In addition to the Surface woes, Microsoft is notorious for delivering updates that are just a slight bit off kilter. I’ve already heard from some that the firmware update can’t download, and others can’t get it installed. Personally, I’ve had no issue. So, your mileage will vary, apparently.

In addition to today’s firmware update, many will be overjoyed to see that an Intel graphics driver has shown up. This particular driver has been in beta since before the 2015 holiday season, and it seems it is now ready for primetime (again, finger-crossing is encouraged). Even on the earlier Surface Pro 3 model, the Intel graphics driver has been a heinous beast, causing bluescreens, driver crashes, and overdriven cooling fans.

For those that had high hopes that the Intel driver is being made available for more than just Microsoft’s Surface line, you can forget about it. I’ve attempted to locate it through Windows Update from an HP Spectre and Lenovo Yoga 900 and they’ve both come up empty.

Additionally, Aaron Hall says...

And, then, states...

Both are available from Windows Update today. If you have issues with either the firmware update or the new Intel graphics driver, let us know so we can warn others.

P.S. The update history pages for the Surface hardware has not been updated yet, so we can’t be sure exactly what is included in today’s firmware update. Let’s hope it’s all good.


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Hi, thankyou for your info. Running a Surface Pro 4, trying to update, but none are available.
The last one was on 2016-01-13 KB3124263 as per the update history.
I'm in Italy, no idea if this could be the reason...

Any ideas what's going on?

BTW I updated the intel drivers according to this thread
New Intel drivers available
appeared on 2015-12-24.
any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Weird... I tried to go to device manager, and to manually update driver for display adapter "Intel (R) HD Graphics 520. Successfully updated, as per the message that appeared on screen, and as per the required reboot.
Weird, the driver version is unchanged. dated 2015-11-20.




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It seems no updates were released on 1/22/2016...
That's right. That's why I put the "?!" at the end of the title of this thread. Sorry if you missed it and were confused.

I posted a comment at the end of the article I cited asking the author why they haven't retracted the article since there has been no firmware update for the SP4 in the last couple days. My comment is awaiting moderation.


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Oh, I see, in fact I've seen the ?! But I didn't understand the meaning, thx for the explanation :)
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I take that back, i checked the logs, it was not on the 22nd, in fact, that was my Sp3, and i only id that because I read an article. Looks like this guy is going off the same articles about the SP3 which had an update on 1/19/2016. I've noticed a lot of blog / tech sites don't really -blog- or write anything new. They all follow the same 1 - 2 sites and then just change up the words, and get free stuff from MS to " review " . I'd say 80% of the time information they give is WRONG, outdated, or plain copied. Whenever in doubt always just check the MS website.


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There was NO SP4 update as of yet. It was the SP3 that was updated.... Not the Sp4... :) Just wait a few more days, hopefully.