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Article suggests Intel and MS are killing off the RT device


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For tablets and portable devices, legacy app compatibility will be less an less of an issue as the store gets better options. I see legacy app compatibility as a temporary crutch to make up where new apps haven't been developed. Its not the future of the platform. If there continues to be a significant price discount for RT and a battery life bonus - I think it still makes sense. Remember, Atom is not the only chip platform coming out with a faster new model - the next gen ARMs are on the way too.

Precisely, which is why - from my non-technical perspective - the Surface RT seems to be the more revolutionary of the two machines released by MS.


If you don't know why you are buying a tablet or what it will do, Surface RT might be disappointing. But having looked into it fully before buying mine (on the first day out last year), I've found that it does everything I expected and need. The weight and battery life make it ideal for travel, reading my e-mail first thing in the morning with my coffee, for light Word doc reading or editing, for using as a newspaper/magazine in the morning, carrying it around to other rooms as I read, keeping by the TV to look things up, it's perfect. I'd probably prefer a 7 or 8 inch Surface as an alternate Kindle, which I often use it for too, but that would lessen its usefulness for some of the other purposes I use it for day in day out. At home or on the road, with the better keyboard it has replaced my laptop.


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Since getting my RT I have realised how little I actually HAVE to use legacy apps. My next surface could be a RT but I hope it has a bit more power behind it as my RT can be slow at times.