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Artrage and my SP3 i3



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Well I tried Clip Studio Trial and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to work with. I couldn't figure out how to change the opacity and darkness of lines, which bothered me. It does look like a good program, but I think it would take too long to learn it.

So I was going to buy Artrage 4 for it, which was on sale, the full desktop version. Then I remembered I had it already on my Mac from my Intuos Pen and touch tablet. I checked the website to see if it mattered If I used it on another device/OS and it's fine. Just downloaded the desktop version and it's working fine. My SP4 did get a little hot while downloading and the fan going on the Clip Studio download, but after that, it was fine. No crashes with either program, which I'm happy about. I'm glad at least I have Sketchbook and Artrage 4 to work with, fits my needs better. Still think Clip Studio is a good program, just too much to learn right now, along with learning the SP4. May give it a try in the future. You were right though, the desktop version is working much better than the trial of the app.


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I'm glad you found something you can work with.

Clip studio can be quite complicated - like photoshop there's lots of toolbars you can customise so you can set it up how you like it. On mine I have a secondary tool bar that opens and deals with size/opacity etc with sliders.

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