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Asphalt Overdrive, a shameless cash grab.


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When you first launch Asphalt: Overdrive, you're greeted with a short additional download.
After that the music and the feeling gets to you, you're pumped to try this thing out.
Very rarely do you play games with the surface turned sideways, but as you find out this isn't a traditional racing game, but yet another endless runner. Fine, I don't mind playing them once in a while, but this one is something I can't stand. When browsing cars through the menu, every car has to download from the internet.
After completing a short level, it has to download something from the internet. This game is more loading than gameplay. Second thing I notice, I have limited times to play a level, I have to wait for the game to recharge before continuing, Of course I could pay to have it recharge automatically.
Enough, I quit the app and start doing something more productive, but within a minute I get five popups on my screen, ''come back to race!'' demands the game. Swiping the notifications becomes a small minigame in itself.
They started appearing constantly, I gave up and deleted it. It could have been something fun, but gameloft ruined it.
I hope you reviewed this game in the store including these comments so that anyone tempted has the opportunity to see what they are in for.