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Attached the Type Cover last night and my Surface instantly rebooted!


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well the title explains all... anyone else experienced this? It booted up and worked fine afterwards, although it did seem to take slightly longer to boot than usual.
You're doing it wrong and how dare you post a SP bug on this forum for enthusiasts!

....joking....i take abuse here for posting bugs...

Anyway, have you done all windows 8.1 updates? I found that my type cover 2 didn't work (mostly) correctly with default SP(1) windows 8, but after all updates it seemed to work mostly correctly.
It can and do happen, but it shouldn't happen very often. The usual cause is a bouncing contact. What are the FW versions?
Both the Surface and the TypeCover should have enough ESD protection that ESDs should not cause any lasting damage, but a restart due to ESD is a whole different ballgame, and it's much more difficult to protect against.

Having all the latest FW is not necessarily the best in this case because the January FW fixes were probably just rollbacks of the December 'fixes'. :p
I had this happen to me a few days ago, and in that instance it happened twice in one day. I did a hard reset, as I was having another issue, and its probably coincidence but it hasn't happened since.

As much as I love this device when it's ON, I've never been so frustrated at were what I thought to be mundane things. C'mon MS, this is 2014. Putting your computer to sleep shouldn't be Russian roulette, now on top of that I got to worry about reattaching the cover.
Agreed...I actually think the type cover is the source of many of the bugs that people are seeing (whether it's the device driver or a hardware issue). Since I've returned mine (waiting for power cover -- hopefully it doesn't suck), many of the sleep/power related bugs have stopped occurring.