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Type Cover 2 doesn't work after reattaching to Surface 3


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I have a type cover 2 and Surface 3 which both work fine when booted up together. But if I disconnect and then reconnect the keyboard it no longer works. In Device Manager I can see that the Surface Type Cover Filter Device doesn't come back after reattaching. Running Win10 with all updates.

Logging off and logging on doesn't help. Switching users doesn't help. Sleeping and awakening doesn't help. Rebooting is the only thing that gets the keyboard working again, but oddly a reboot takes 10 minutes. (If I reboot while the keyboard is working - or without a keyboard - it only takes a minute)

I used to use this keyboard on a Surface RT and I was able to disconnect and reattach just fine on that. Any ideas?


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I don't remember anyone else attempting/using that combination so I don't have a clue.


I use an original Type Cover (Type Cover I without back light) with my Surface 3 running Windows 10 and do not have your problem.

I just tried my Surface Pro 3 Type Cover (with back light) with my Surface 3 and likewise do not have your problem.

While neither is your exact configuration, I thought I'd pass along my findings.