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Automatic Repair BSOD Loop Cannot Boot From USB


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Hello, I have a Surface 2 that is caught in an Automatic Repair BSOD Loop. I have tried to hold down the volume up and/or down to access the USB boot menu after downloading the RT files from Microsoft on a FAT USB but cannot get into the boot menu nor will it recognize any USB and I have tried 3 different ones.
Someone has posted a YouTube video with the same problem.

Any direction would be appreciated.


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On that YouTube page after the video you posted, there's a video showing a fix for that problem by pressing F11 repeatedly right after power button to enter Windows Recovery. Did you try that?
Also, this is for Surface Pro so I'm not 100% sure it's the same for Surface RT or 2 but the USB has to be formatted in FAT32.
Here is the procedure I've gotten to work:
1. Press Power and Volume + (at the same time) ,to boot into UEFI
2. Make sure that you disable Secure Boot Device, and boot order is Network -> USB -> SSD
3. Press down Power and Volume + together for 15 second for a reset.
5. Instead of pressing Power briefly to power it on. Hold it down until it recognizes and boot into USB.
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