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Ok so my brother, recently booted his computer and its saying Checking Media...... than it says something like Boot Failed, Please restart the computer. So we did this like 10 times over, But nothing worked. We don't know why its happening to his computer, lately its been like this. 1st My Computer has a Boot problem not allowing it to boot, i've tried so hard to fix that(that was windows 10). Than I upgraded my old computer that had the free upgrade and upgraded it but now its not saying Activated. So i've tried fixing that. I gave up on that. Finally My brother's computer says "Checking media..." about 1 minute later it says this "Boot Failed, Please Restart" well something like that. I found a Microsoft area in the dubai mall recently so i think i can get My Computer and My Old Computer(The one im using right now) Fixed, but im not sure about my brother's computer. The Point is i need help for my Brother's computer.