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Back-lit Type Cover


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Does anyone know if the SP3 back-lit type cover can be used on the SP4. I certainly hope so since trying to type in the dark while watccing TV is almost impossible without back-lighting. If this is not possible, it seems like a serious shortcoming of the SP4 not to have a back-lit keyborad. I don't want to purchase a Surface Book just to get this functionality.


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The sp4 keyboard is backlit.
Are you sure you are not referring to the Surface Book since I have seen no mentionof back-lighting in any of the Surface Pro 4 specifications or tech reports.:) However, I hope you are correct. Do you have a reference?


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Yeah. I was like you and couldn't find info. The SP3 covers says it's backlighted. but in the specifications for the SP4 keyboard it doesn't. But like the above, it's written in the "make it yours". I'm glad.


I've been using a mac for some time and I actually thought it was a bug that Fn1 and Fn2 on the keyboard did not change the brightness of the screen. I found out they were for changing the brightness of the keyboard backlighting.. strange... I didn't know it was something people needed quick access to.


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I love that the Surface type cover is backlit it really helps when I'm using my SP3 as a lighting controller at a disco - the other ASUS laptop we bought specifically for the job doesn't get a look in now as the Surface is SO much better, the ASUS has no backlight on the keys and also as a midrange laptop the touchscreen is nowhere near as responsive as the Surface when I'm pushing buttons on the screen. I love using the SP3 for this job.