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Type cover 2 backlight sensor


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Does anyone know how/where the backlight sensor is for the Type Cover 2 keyboard? I'm curious how it works. Sometimes, my keys light up when there is any type of movement anywhere near my tablet. Other times, I have to place my hands directly over the keys for them to light up. I've wondered if there is some type of proximity sensor somewhere or if the tablet is using the front camera to detect movement etc. I've also been looking through the registry trying to find a value that controls the timeout for when the backlights turns off. I'd like mine to stay lit up for longer.

At any rate, I find the all of the Microsoft keyboards to be technological marvels and I'm just curious how they work. Any ideas?


I think the sensors are under the palm rests. When the backlight go off, try moving your hands over the keyboard without hovering over the palm rests and the lights should stay off. Hover your hand near the palm rests and the lights will turn on.


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Hmm. I think your right about the palm rests. I've never seen sensors like that that still work when being completely covered by the keyboard fabric. That patent is a neat idea.

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