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background task host failing


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Disclaimer: I am not a tech expert

So I was browsing some of the surface help sites (including this one) because my surface was getting slow. I believe it was due to the humongous error reports it was generating. I also was exploring the reliability report and found many many instances where backgroundtaskhost.exe has stopped responding. I'm talking about a dozen times a day. What is this? Are these failures a consequence of a problem or the problem itself? Are there any known fixes? My surface is always fast for a couple days, then runs on four flat tires. I feel like I'm doing a lot of maintenance.

I'd very much appreciate any suggestions..


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On both my Surface RT and Windows 8 Enterprise, there is no such process running. I also checked the event logs and can't find entries related to it.

My Surface RT has 3 apps registered in the background task. It has been running for 7++ days already with IE 10 getting most hours at total of 25 hours of use, followed by Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging with over 11 hours of use.

The Acer S3 with Windows 8 Enterprise has 4 background tasks registered.

1. Have you installed a 3rd party app that during the installation asked your confirmation to run in background?


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the only thing I can think of is bing wallpaper viewer. I uninstalled it, but backgroundtaskhost.exe still shows up when I search from the start screen.

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It will show up because it is part of the operating system. Go to Task Manager and see if it is actually running.

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