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backup system


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is there an option to take a Surface image?
I know about storing data on Sky and other data backup option.
Let say I just unpacked a new Surface, installed all updates and want to take an image for full recovery.

Existing recovery (on recovery partition) will bring us to clean non patched system.
Why asking? because in 8-12 month the patches may easily come to 1GB (before installation). The answer to the question "who cares?" is: to save time and may be some bandwidth :).
For something like Surface RT I think MS should update it's "reset" image for when it's time do so as updates are applied. I agree for a year or two down the road that having to do a reset then update the Surface of all the updates would take quite some time.
I turned file history on, so my Surface backs up versions of my files to an external hard drive attached to my router.
Say truth I didn't read yet file history subject but if it is capable to update previous backup and will allow to restore any time the device to it's last backup state it will be all what I ment.

Thanks to all for ideas.
does MS planning to provide updated image, after cumulative updates/service packs?
Kind of image for Thin Client?
having heard nothing about such plans, you'll have to do all the updates again after restoring your system atm.