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Bagged the Wedgie for some Sulpted Comfort


I found the wedge mouse uncomfortable and unreliable. It worked on a mouse pad and some material but didn't on my khaki pants leg or the couch. It also got misplaced a lot under newspapers, papers and such because it is so small. The only upside was it packed well. I just got the MS Bluetooth Sculpt Mouse yesterday and it is a real improvement. It is much easier on large hands, is very comfortable, and works better with Win 8 on the SP. The SC also works on my khakis. The Windows button is much easier to use when musing than letting go of the mouse and hitting the screen. Tilting scroll wheel is very natural too. From here on the Wedgie is a travel-only mouse.


Thought I'd mention that the Sculpt Comfort Mouse worked great up till this Tuesday. Now the SP has a problem and won't connect. Removed it and tried to re add it. The Sp saw the mouse but wouldn't connect. Tried this several ways without success. Spent a few hours googling and searching on the SP and MS on line sites. Nothing. Tried to post a problem on MS's SP support site. Wouldn't take it and no error messages, even though it showed me logged in with my Live account. This is irritating since touch doesn't work right with my two main non-MS sites, Google Gmail and calendar, and Amazon.


did you ever get it working again, I bought one a month or so ago. and dropped it on a concrete surface and now it wont turn on or anything.
I went to BestBuy a couple days ago and seen that it was on sale for 14.99 so I got another one.


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I bought the wedge mouse myself. I really wanted to like this mouse but I just can't get used to it. I think it's just too small for my hands. I love the concept, small, edgy, Bluetooth. I don't see anything else out there that I want, though. I want something small enough to put in my sleeve and not bulge out. Has to be Bluetooth (need my one usb free) and just work. The sculpt comfort mouse looks like it gets close but it still looks a little bulky for what I'm looking for?. Hoping someone else will have a suggestion here.
Btw, I've used this wedge for a week and never had a problem. The buttons work perfectly and it's never had a connection issue. Too bad 


The sculpt mouse is a little smaller than the sculpt comfort mouse. But not by much. I had it a few months ago. I just didn't like the feel so i donated it to a friend.
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