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Band Firmware Update 1.1.2110.0 released


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The Microsoft Band touch screen responsiveness and general speed seem much improved after this update. The smartphone apps have also been updated. More info:

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I'm seeing a different view, particularly on the Bike app. GPS acqusition is now unreasonably slow, (it took 7-8 minutes), and battery life on a bike ride is abysmal: starting with a 1/2 - 2/3 charge, the battery was drained on a 75 minute ride, and I lost the first 10% due to the GPS, and the last 30% because of the battery drain.

Previously, it acquired the GPS in 1-2 minutes, and I saw no, repeat no, appreciable battery drain starting from 3/4 on 45-60 minute rides.

Otherwise, outside of the ride app, battery life seems about the same for my use model.