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Battery charging questions.

I have a power cover with my SP2. I plugged in the charging cable, then clicked on the battery icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, and saw this notification message:


[1] Why does it say "Plugged in, not charging"?
[2] How was the "91% available" calculated? I understand Battery #1 is the battery inside the SP2, and Battery #2 is the Power Cover.


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One thing is to check back on it; sometimes it states its not charging when it really is. If after a few minutes it still shows the same battery level for the keyboard, unplug the keyboard and snap it back in.

The overall battery number is a rough average between the two levels.


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I have had the same issue. All I did to fix it was shutdown, then hold press and hold Volume Up (located on the left side) and the Power button at the same time for at least 15 seconds, and then release both. The screen may flash the Surface logo, but continue holding the buttons down for at least 15 seconds. After you release the buttons, wait 10 seconds. Press and release the Power button to turn your Surface back on. Once the surface was turned back on the cover stated it was charging.