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Battery discharges even when Surface Book is shut down


Anyone seen this before? I've not noticed it before because normally I've left the SB plugged into the dock, which is always powered, but my usage patterns have changed.

I've been out & about with it a lot recently. If I shut the SB down (through the menu formerly known as "Start"), the combined batteries lose power at about 10% every 12 hours. After a week of not being plugged in, it is completely dead, and needs at least ten minutes charge before it will even boot up.

This is alarming as I know discharging batteries completely can hit their longevity.

However, if I undock the tablet from the base, I don't get any battery discharge when shut down!

This is really annoying as it's not easy to store in two halves, & is potentially damaging to the battery to not undock.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what is going on and how to fix it?


As an extra data point, if I don't close the lid, there is no battery discharge when off. It only loses battery when the lid is closed. Weird.