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Battery Issue in Surface


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My MS Surface shows full battery charge however when I unplug from the charger it immediately shuts down. It will not power up unless plugged in. Any suggestions appreciated...Thanks.
If its an SP3 I saw where some only charged with the cord connected one way even though the light was on but it worked if you turned it around. otherwise, which one do you have, S Pro, S Pro 2, S Pro 3, Surface 2, or RT?
If you connect the charger without turning on the RT does the tablet or charger feel warm after 10-15 minutes?

Has the battery life been decreasing?

Did it suddenly develop tis problem?

Know anyone else with a Surface that's not an SP3 to try a different charger? you could use either the RT/S2 charger or the SP charger.
The battery life has not been decreasing and it suddenly developed this problem. I don't know anyone with a Surface so don't have access to another charger. Without turning on the tablet, the charger and tablet do not feel warm. The light on the connection is on.
There a Microsoft store, or Best Buy in the area you could take it to? or maybe Staples ...