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BBC Review gets it completely wrong

Towering Shadow

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So basically all the reviews say the Surface sucks or there's something not quite right with it.

Here is one of my responses to an article that was online:

towering_shadow • 13 hours ago
Oh and one big grip about the Ipad, I hate how it organizes music files and movies. The Surface has a regular desktop you can store everything in regular files. That's how it's stored on my hard drive and that's how it gets stored on my surface. Same o same o capiche?.

towering_shadow • 14 hours ago −

I think the Surface is awesome. I like the longer screen for reading and movies. I use the usb port to connect my external hard drive. If I want to move files between devices, I just swipe between them (no need for a laptop or Itunes). I can run multiple apps on the screen at the same time (good for typing emails and referencing materials instead of going back and forth between pages.) I like the fact it's not made of plastic and it's still light. I like that I don't need to convert my movie files to play them. Let see, kickstand, a keyboard that doesn't require bluetooth and is super thin, Office and I can keep going but those are some of the main points.
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