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Tried Using Surface Tablet only as a TABLET for a Few Days


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My experience with using the Surface as a laptop replacement has been phenomenal. All the keyboard shortcuts of a window power-user are there and the experience is exactly the same as using a Windows desktop/laptop.

I was going to agree with those reviews that said it lack as a tablet until I pulled off the cover for a few days. It was an amazing experience. I was surprised at how light the Surface is, and how much touch is integrated into the tablet. Left, top, bottom. Who needs keyboard shortcuts when you have touch shortcuts. Not only that, I felt more personal with the tablet. I was now able to hold it with both hands and directly control it, instead of "remotely" controlling it with the keyboard (I also use touch too, but the keyboard dominates). In addition, the easy kickstand makes it a convenience when you want to touch it without holding it. I was able to navigate the Metro interface as quickly as I would with the keyboard. The desktop, not so much, but that is why I have the keyboard.

Now I understand why a few reviewers like the Surface even without buying a cover and why the Surface $499 without the cover was sold out before the ones with cover. (and those reviewers who DON'T like the tablet, go buy a touch keyboard. You need the full experience to judge this product).

Microsoft has a good selling point here. When the iPad came out, people like hitting stores just to touch it. The Surface has touch everywhere, and I think Microsoft should line them up in stores without and with the cover (kind of like copying Apple with the line-up ipads ready for touch, but hey, at least you can touch AND type).

I'm trying to carry my Surface without the cover now. However, it has been an annoyance to take the cover out and put it back in when I need it (even with the satisfying "click" from the magnets). So I just have to compromise and flip the touch cover back (it adds a bit of weight, but I got used to it. It also makes a good anti-slippery surface on the back of the surface).


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Totally agree. The only time I use desktop mode is when an Office app is required (I also use mine for work) or if I want to get into Windows explorer. Otherwise it's a tablet.
I tried it without the cover for a while and found I prefer keeping it attached. Like you were saying, it gives a better grip when carrying it around.