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Best and cheapest tablet using as second screen for SP4?


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I want a second portable screen for my SP4 and as the portable monitor market is pathetic at present day, iam thinking of getting a tablet for this purpose. Current portable monitors mostly dont have their own battery, got low resolutions and a very high price tag for the nothing you get.

Can anyone recommend me tablets that would worth buying for this purpose?

To fulfill my needs it needs to have battery, at least 1080p resolution. I dont care if its connecting wirelessly or wired to the SP4. Touch is not necessary. Kickstand or kickstand case is needed. Brightness should be above 300cd/m^2 and it should work seamlessly with or without an app (preferably a cheap or free one if it needs an app)...and ofc a price that is lower than those crappy monitors.

So can anyone help me in this one?



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I bought a used Samsung TabProS from woot.com for cheap, and I am using it as a second monitor with my Surface Pro 2017. It works great as a second travel monitor. Long battery life, great resolution and touchscreen makes it better than a dedicated monitor! I use the Project Feature of Windows 10 over WiFi to extend the monitor.

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If you've got an iPad knocking around, Duet Display lets you use the iPad as a second monitor via USB & the lightning cable. It does actually work okay, though you have to pay for the iPad app (I think it's about $20 now). I use my SPro3 with my 12.7" iPad Pro quite a lot.