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What is the best browser to use on the Surface 3? Of course the only one available on the Microsoft Store is Edge / IE, and many sites don't play well with them. I've heard Chrome just destroys the battery life on the Surface 3. Are there any better options?


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Edge and IE are two entirely different web browsers. Can you give some examples of websites not playing well with Edge?


I've not really kept track specifically, but a lot of it seems to be around logging in to web pages not working correctly, or things in discussion forums not behaving correctly...replies and quotes not working and stuff like that.


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Never really had an issue with that. Currently even testing Edge on my Android phone. On my Surface 3 I also always used Edge.
There is only one machine here in the household on which YouTube on Google Chrome is better than on Edge. But that machine needs to be reinstalled and perhaps replaced


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Well given the description of events around the decision to use Cromium in a future version of Edge particularly MS doing "Edge fixes" to work around web site issues it's Myth Confirmed.

What's best to use??? Depends... You might try Firefox.
Firefox! I use Firefox as my browser of choice on not only my tablet but my laptop, my wife's laptop, my 2-in-1, my sister-in-law's laptops, and any other computer I have to maintain.


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I have had a ton of success using Edge. Make sure it's up to date with the latest Windows updates. Rarely do I use Chrome, but as a rule I always have at least two browsers installed in my personal computers.
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