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What's the best browser to use with Surface devices?



The Edge browser works like a charm for everything i need to use it for. Never encountered a problem.

That's interesting cause Edge does give me issues on certain websites. I definitely like it more than IE but it does give me problems sometimes.


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Edge with hosts file.
I used Chrome for a long time but it's too slow and used too many resources (sleeping tabs didn't help either).


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I use Edge when in touch and Chrome when the keyboard is plugged. Chrome has a problem, it don't adjust the screen for typing, for instance, when i am typing in a few online forums, Edge always show the input field, Chrome don't show and the input field stay back the onscreen keyboard.


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I have gone full circle. A few times. IE, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari for Windows, Edge, … … … ...

Edge has the edge for me. I think Microsoft has indeed built a browser from scratch, as they promised, in Edge.


I have printing problems with Edge, sometimes I just get a blank page or sometimes it's very badly formatted.

I like Firefox, but the "Close" icon doesn't work on my SPro3, go figure.

Currently using Opera which seems the fastest.


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Scrolling via touch on Chrome seems to be a bit of an issue with my SP5... keeps stuttering. Edge does it too, but not as bad. Sometimes this machine seems to perform worst than my SP1! So annoying.
I know Chrome is usually the browser of choice but I heard it drains the battery more and can crash more than IE on windows 10 devices. Is that true?

What browser do you like the best on your Surface device?

Yes, chrome causes a lot of problem but i don't know why i am still using it. LOL :p