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I use the Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth mouse. Very comfortable to use, and no connectivity issues. Only trick is the very sensitive power button (which will sometimes turn on in a pocket or briefcase if jostled) and the claimed--but not really working--'sleep' or 'backpack' mode. As long as I remember to keep an extra battery handy, I'm fine.


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Why ... why on earth would MS make the portable arc mouse without bluetooth? disconnecting your mouse to hook up another device like external hard drive ... to drop / drag files is paramount to a good solid mouse ... certainly not type cover or pen.


I have 2 mice I use with my Surface, all depending on what I am doing. The Naga uses the USB, but I have a USB 3.0 Hub, and I am pretty stationary while gaming. While out and about, I use the Logitech as I just love the small size and the abilities packed into the small size. I am not sitting at my Surface for extended periods (other than some gaming) so I am not so worried about the ergonomics of the Logitech. Depending on my trip, I will pack the Naga in the case I need extended periods of work/play time, but generally, I don't need it that much.

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