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Best reading program?


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Hey guys,

Finals are coming soon and i got a quick question. What is in your opinion the best program to read texts like summaries and pieces from books?
I am looking for a program which supports the surface pen so that i can highlight important things and take notes, and to set bookmarks to remember where I was would be really helpful.
I know OneNote but i only use it to take notes I don't like it to read the texts so if you know any alternatives, i's be happy to hear about them.

Thanks in advance,


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The answer to this may depend on what file format your books or text are in; pdf? epub? mobi?

It's all PDF but actually I started reading one of my texts with OneNote and it went pretty well so if you're not coming up with some super good free alternative for that i'll stick to it. Thanks anyways though


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Drawboard PDF seems to be most people's favorite, but it's $9.99.
For free Foxit is good. If you're fine importing PDFs into OneNote, OneNote has many useful features you're not likely to find in any PDF reader such as storage of the files on OneDrive so they can be accessed by other devices anywhere (like iPhone or iPad), optical character recognition for even hand written note to make them searchable by their text content, ability to create books, sections, subsections, pages and to be able to easily just drag them around to move or rearrange, ability to use as a word processor, a drawing board, a scrapbook, etc.