1. afathypc

    Windows 11 Enterprise key

    I bought a used Microsoft laptop surface studio and I found it came with windows 11 enterprise but it can't be activated. How can I activate it or get activation key?
  2. J

    zoom in on a specific area

    Hello, I hope someone can help. I'm working on a project where I've purchased some Surface Pro 7 devices to allow people to select presets that control some lighting. Does anyone know of an app or another solution where I can zoom in on a specific area of the screen and make that area fill the...
  3. J

    Surface RT 2012 Games Help Please

    Good morning everyone, New guy here, so please forgive me if I've accidently posted in the wrong place. Back in 2012 (I best think it was), I purchased a Windows Surface RT (gen 1). Had a number of games, approx descriptions below, installed onto the device, Would dearly love to get them...
  4. B

    Solved Surface book 3 freezes during factory reset

    Factory Reset the Surface Book 3, model "1873", with a USB stick, but then it freezes with BSOD at 10%. How do I get past that point? Why is this error happening? Can I do hardware diagnostics? Everything has been erased.
  5. B

    Surface Pen pen tip unresponsive

    Hi. My pen (with Surface pro 7) is functional with the eraser button, but completely unresponsive with the pen tip. I can't write or scroll with the pen tip, but I can erase, open programs, and scroll using my finger. I have restarted, updated, and disconnected/reconnected everything. I have...
  6. Hard.Wired

    Surface Dial added App tool missing

    Love the Surface Dial, but I have noticed that after I add settings for Google Chrome, they don't show up in the App tool list. Now I can't change them for Chrome. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?
  7. J

    Get into my Surface RT since I forgot my password

    It's been years since I've used my Surface RT. I used it when I started college and it was very useful in its applications and the fact that it's lighter than a laptop saved my back for the time being back in late 2013. As time went on, I saved up to get my own desktop computer and also got a...
  8. T

    I need an explanation of model numbers

    I've noticed that there are 2 different types of model numbers associated with Microsoft items. I need to know how one is located. Microsoft Surface Tablets and Computers appear to have 2 model numbers (Ex. CR5-00001, QWU-00001, V4C-00064). Then they also have a model that us the standard 4...
  9. H

    Bad reviews in Microsoft Store and "Screen crack" issues.

    Hi. I am concidering of buying Surrface Laptop 2 (Black, i5-8250u), Surface Book 2(i5-7300u) or Surface Pro 6 (i5-8250u with keyboard). I heard a lot of rumors about screen cracks on Book 2, or about cheap materials used in Surface lineup. Are they true? I can't believe that Book 2 screen can be...
  10. C

    HowTo Surface Book 2 Screeching and Rattling every 5 seconds

    My surface book 2 of 1 year is just outside warranty. It started making periodic sounds about a month ago, and I now have to put up with screeching and rattling every 5 seconds. I was told by Microsoft support to lower the battery settings from best performance to better performance, it helped...
  11. A

    Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Platinum 1 Tb Newest Model difference?

    Hello to all! I was going to buy this device, but I came across the fact that I can’t understand the difference between two seemingly identical models - platinum 1 tb and platinum 1 tb newest version. What is their difference? Which of them has a more powerful processor ( i7-3960x vs i7-8650u)...
  12. M

    Surface Book 2 changed windows boot logo small issue

    I have a surface book 2 and I recently attempted to change the windows boot logo to the Jordan symbol. In order to do that I had to go to the UEFI settings and disable secure boot and save the logo i wanted to use using the HackerBGRT program by following some steps on youtube. So now when my...
  13. D

    Stylus and Word

    I take notes in word using a surface pen. How do I make it so my word document goes full screen and doesn't move when my hand brushes over the document. I've googled and can't seem to find a solution
  14. K

    Need A Specific NVIDIA Driver

    Hey all, I've been searching for hours trying to find a driver... I just got a Surface Book through work, and it's updated to the latest drivers of course. The problem is that I use AutoCAD, which can be picky with graphics drivers. I'd like to use an older driver, specifically build...
  15. J

    Surface Laptop Keycaps

    I unfortunately spilled some Sprite over my Surface Laptop and while there seems to be no internal damage, as it was only a very small amount and it was turned off a few keys are now very sticky and itsi very uncomfortable to type... I did get the Alcantara cleaned up tho... Now what I wanted to...
  16. G

    First Surface Pro Questions/Issues

    Good day all, I bought my first Surface Pro the other day when I was finnally in the market for a tablet, it is a SP3 with an i5 and 8gbs of ram. Bought it used on Ebay as it looked like it had loss of power on an update and was not loading to Windows. I Bought it and fixed it with a reinstall...
  17. L

    Pen lag/deadzone on Surface pro 2017 in Zbrush

    Hi there, I bought the Surface Pro 2017 i7 8GB model a couple of days ago primarily for Zbrush (3D sculpting software) with the use of the surface Pen. Everything seems to work other that this problem: When i place the pen tip on the screen there seems to be a small zone of about 3mm around...
  18. M

    Are These the First Images of an “Andromeda OS” Folding Surface Tablet Game?

    Windows Central has posted images of a free-to-play racing game called Miami Street that is billed as being for “all” Windows 10 devices. After investigating the app package metadata, Windows Central has found information that the game is not just for Windows PC, but also for the “Andromeda OS,”...
  19. M

    Microsoft Announces Xbox Adaptive Controller for Accessible Gaming For All

    Microsoft has today showed just how committed it is to its aim to “enable and empower even more Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers across the globe” with the announcement of its new Xbox Adaptive Controller for Xbox and Windows 10 gaming. Writing in a post on Xbox Wire, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer...
  20. M

    Microsoft Said to be Working on $400 Surface Tablets to Take on Apple’s iPad

    According to an exclusive report from Bloomberg today, Microsoft is currently working on a range of low-cost Surface tablets that could be launched as soon as the second half of this year. Bloomberg’s source says that Microsoft is making the move in order to try and compete with Apple’s...