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Best Tweaks, Apps, and Tips SP3 on Win10


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So now that windows 10 is in everybody's (or at least should be) hands, what have you found that you have done differently in win 10 vs 8.1 as far as tweaking goes? Any tips or app recommendations?

Are you using windows defender (which seems better in windows 10) or third party security and if so, what third party?
You guys using edge browser?
Using the newly redone built in mail app? I skipped it in win 8 but the win 10 version seems great.
Anything else you can think of.

To me the new m and App is a stop backward. I'm not using it, using Outlook instead.

Agree 100%. New mail app is functionally a regression. Same for it's sibling the calendar app.

Perhaps MS will release a Sunrise app for win10 now that they own it. That would be superb.