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Bestbuy Surface Pro 128 (Factory Refurb) only $699!

Arizona Willie

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Many times a " refurb " / " used " unit was sent back because the purchaser was not bright enough to use it.

A few days ago I was at my eye doctor sitting in the waiting room and an elderly lady ( probably in her 80's ) asked me if that was a tablet.
I said yes and she said she had one but couldn't figure out how to use it. She had an Acer she said. Unfortunately she didn't have it with her so I couldn't help her.
She was stumped trying to get online to her bank. Said she had the user id and password but couldn't make it work.

I didn't get to ask her much because they called me in. I don't know if she bought it or one of her kids gave it to her ( likely ).
But some people just should not have these things or even smartphones because they aren't able to use them.

It would be interesting to know the return rate where people buy / get one given to them and just can't handle them.


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an elderly lady

Willie --

Just had to laugh reading that. My Mom learned to use a computer in her late 70s, and that was back in the DOS days. For better perspective, she was an old farm woman, with an 8th grade education, who had never touched a typewriter in her life. I set it up and took it out to her (California), then used to give her online lessons from various hotels during my travels.

Maybe they just ain't makin' Olde People as smart as they used to. Ya think? :)

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I used to buy 10 or more Sansa Clip MP3 players at a time as "Refurbished" when I was working with a lot of young, residential kids. The kids would buy them for less than $20, which was the price I paid. The units had new earphones and new usb cables, but no fancy box. They were uniformly excellent and I must have bought 40 of them over the years. They were refurbished by checking to make sure all the buttons worked and adding the new inexpensive headphones and usb cable. I don't doubt that the units were store returns because the buyer didn't like the small storage (1 to 4 GB) or the no video option. These devices are still excellent, small, clipable music players that are almost indestructible. I suspect Surface refurbs are in the same category. Probably a good bargain, if you can find them. I would also get the 2 year no questions asked warranty for $99 as insurance.