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Surface Pro 6 restarts with 75% battery level


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I have tried everything from disabling standby, tried the fix earlier in the thread about deleting the batteries from device manager and running down and letting sit for 10 hours. Nothing worked. I never had mine set to completely 'shut down' only had my SP6 hibernate when I hit the power or closed the lid and the same issue happened. It didn't matter whether it was 1 min or 2 hours. It always came back up with 75% or 73% power. There is no way an app can drain the battery that fast so it is def a software issue. However it did take the normal time to charge back up, but again it has to be a software issue. One thing that DID work as a workaround for me was moving everything to sleep. I.e. Hitting the power button and closing the lid is now set to 'sleep'. This does a slight battery drain when it is off for a while but no where near 25% that we are seeing in this thread. If someone has a link to a new firmware patch that fixes it, please post as the only one I am seeing is the Sept 6th on the MS site and that didn't work. Thanks all
Please try these patch for your :
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Turn off Fast Startup.jpg
Mine already has that update. This problem persists.
You should turn off Fast Startup and change the value of CsEnabled to Zero:


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This is a well known issue which the Surface Laptop 2 is also known to suffer from. A firmware update sent out to members of the Windows Insider Program recently seems to fix the problem. Presumably it's only a matter of time before it is released to everyone.


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My SP6 has also started dropping to 75% upon startup.

I keep my SP6 attached to a Microsoft Dock. After Windows shuts down, I turn off the power strip into which the Dock and two monitors are plugged.


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I don't have my SP6 on a dock 24/7 because I usually use it in Tablet Mode, but I guess it's only for those people that leave their device plugged into a dock 24/7 and the issue comes up and cannot be resolved.....I still do not have that issue after using the dock way more often then I normally do, but my use on the docking station is no where near the 24/7 use others are doing.


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It's definitely not 100% of the time. I noticed it three times over the past couple days. Maybe it has been happening longer and more frequently and I just didn't notice it?

I also wonder if Microsoft is working on the firmware to offer a feature for those of us who use our SP6 plugged in most of the time. My old Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro had a special mode in its battery software for such users and it would charge the Yoga only up to 60% and then stop charging. It had to do with avoiding a constant full charge which can apparently still be damaging even to modern batteries?

Anyway, if Microsoft is using us as guinea pigs for such a feature, they need to have it also stop charging from 75% to 100% to be of any value.


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I'm cautiously optimistic that this 75% battery issue is fixed. Today:
  1. I worked on my SP6 for several hours plugged in via Microsoft Dock
  2. I powered down and turned of the power strip powering the Dock
  3. I turned on the SP6 a half hour later, and got the "75% and charging"
  4. Even though I had a prompt to reboot earlier in the day for Microsoft Update, on a whim I did a manual check and found a firmware update to install. Just before rebooting I noticed I was up to "89% and charging."
  5. After the reboot, battery showed 100% charged
  6. Powered down and restarted: battery showed 100% charged
The firmware was dated 9/4/2019 and was v.


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Sounds like you may be fixed, @wpcoe. Also, it sounds like the issue was battery sensing, not actual charge, based upon quickly changing from 89% to 100%. Of course, if battery sensing was off, the recharge logic would probably be inappropriate too.