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Big scratches on my outer Surface casing. Possible fixes?


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So just my luck, one day into my proud ownership of a 128gb Surface Pro, and I manage to somehow put 3 long scratches in the upper back portion of my surface casing. They look a lot worse than they are, mostly due to the fact that the Surface is painted dark grey, and the scratches appear white. I do have Microsoft Complete, but I'd rather not make an accidental damage replacement claim on Day 1 for a few scratches.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to "buff" these out?


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Use a black marker (or find one that matches the case color best), but do it quick so you can wipe the excess off with a damp cloth.


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It looks like you had a small amount of chipping on the side. I honestly wish that were the issue, as these are 2 inch long scratches. Looks like I'll be taking advantage of the $150 that I dropped on Microsoft Complete.


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You have a skin on the back of your device? Is it clear, and what brand is it?

It's a designed skin from Decal girl. I think it's well worth it if you like having a design on it. For $20 bucks, I don't think it's bad at all. Rather have the skin scratched than the device.


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I don't have it but they claim on their site that it does stick to the felt. but their quality is the best I have owned.


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I am starting to get some minor scratches on the back of my pro. I was a bit sad at first, but I decided to not let it get to me. I knew it was going to happen anyway. I am leaning toward not covering my pro with any skin because I am afraid it will make it harder for the pro to dissipate the heat. I find that the vapor magnesium case acts almost as a heat sink and dissipates the heat quite well, but it would be hindered with a skin on it. Furthermore, if the skin is on it, I won't get to enjoy the beauty of the magnesium casing. Why protect something from scratches, if it is covered and can't be enjoyed anyway? Scratches are the reality of life and the only real harm it brings is a decrease in resale value.