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Scratched my surface book after one week


May (probably will) happen to any of us. At least you got s good night's sleep ;) .

Give your Surface Book the same love you had for it the day before. It is a fine machine, and the mark shows you use it.

Now that is a a great way of looking at it. I have a slight ding in the tablet part of the cover and was thinking of returning it. But it works fine and I just keep it with the understanding that it's part of its character.


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I just noticed tonight when in a dark room that the backlight is bleeding through the front of the display (very slightly near one corner). Coincidentally near the impact area there is a little bit. There is also some near the bottom right corner. I have read elsewhere online of people complaining about backlight bleed (a common occurance on lcd panels). Not sure if it was from the impact or not though, I'm thinking not because it's in multiple spots on the display. Makes me want to return it even more, I'm concerned that perhaps the panel is separating from the backlight and it may get worse. However I know it's a gamble and I'm likely to get another unit that has worse bleed.
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