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Bit Locker Recovery Key


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After having the Surface 2 for almost a month it failed to start, giving the usual info that it was running a repair then tried the other option of the Bit Locker Recovery Key, I got a code by email to enter which should give me access to the BLRecovery Key but it didn't. Searching this I have found that lots of people have had the same problem of the Surface 2 failing to start. I am very, very disappointed in this product.
Has anyone else come across this. My husband is going back to PC World this morning with it.


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Like I said in your other thread, this is not an official MS board so your best bet is to use the official MS answer boards for tech support (see link in sig), call MS tech support (found through the MS website), or take the Surface to a physical MS store.

Not "a lot" of people have the problem of a Surface not booting. If that many people have problems with a Surface starting, it would be all over the news; when you do internet searches for tech support problems, the posts you find are concentrated on websites that deal with these issues. It's called "self-selected sample bias." There are many different reasons why any device will not boot, which is why it's best to go through official tech support.

As for the Bitlocker key, I have never used it so I don't know; when I reset my Surface, everything just automatically synced through my Microsoft Account. Again, if there aren't answers on this forum, you should try the official channels.


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I had the bitlocker issue pop up on my Surface just today. I simply booted my Surface like I do everyday and all of a sudden it loaded into the Bitlocker screen and asked me to input the password.

It was a complete pain in the butt because I had to use another computer to retrieve the password (which was ~20 characters long) and only then did my Surface boot up like usual.

I have no idea why I got this screen, but hopefully it is the last time that I see it. I would hope that the "RT" model of the Surface would not have these things pop up.


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i got this earlier today also upon start up....i don't wanna see it again either.I wish you could turn bitlocker off


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Has happened to me twice in the past week. At times I'm afraid to do a full shut down because I don't want to have to enter the 48 character key.

Per Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

Microsoft is working on a solution that will be installed on Surface 2 devices through Windows Update. The planned release date is January 14, 2014. More information will be provided in this article when it is available.

Thank you todedwards for the support link instead of chiding us about posting a support question on a non support forum. Linking to the support issue was very helpful.
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Oh don't get me started on this! Apart from the system being as unstable as hell (Not turning on, crashing, not recognising keyboard sporadically) I've had to endure the indignation of this perversely lengthy and completely ridiculous ritual 3 times already, and I've not even had the thing a month yet!!!!


Well, it seems it was not actually fixed in the last firmware update. Yesterday, after manually restarting my surface because of the pending updates, i was welcomed by the infamous Bitlocker screen and i had to go thru the tedious process again....