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Blue Stacks? WHACK


New Member
So I just installed Blue Stacks, and am attempting to interact with it ... it looks awful and the touch calibration is completely broken. I am certain that I downloaded the one that was supposed to be optimized for Surface Pro so now I'm wondering if I missed something in setup.

Anybody use this app? It's confusing to me!
thanks! that sorted it. I must confess, I'm not that impressed with blue stacks. Does anybody love it and could convince me otherwise?
I think BlueStacks is more convenient if your heavily invested in the Android ecosystem.
It seems they have fixed the issue with the 150%. I've been playing Simpsons Tapped out and it works ok. Sound doesn't work well, but you can play the game just fine. It's very responsive at times that it feels like a Win 8 Times, but more often than not, it feels kinda slow. They're still in beta, so hopefully it'll be looking pretty good soon.
There are some apps that I consistently use in BlueStaks (like Words w/Friends and Word Trick (damn word games...)). I have other ones I have installed that work well (Stupid Zombies, Stupid Zombies II, CrossMe Color) but I am usually too busy exploring all of the other great things my Surface Pro can do instead of playing Android games.