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SP2 Micro SD card


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I am sorry for posting this on the wrong forum, I have a Surface 2 with Windows RT 8.1, not an SP2. Maybe I should post a new thread on the S2 forum.

I bought the same card, works great out of the box without needing to format! Fast card, very happy. Reads are almost as fast as my Extreme SanDisk card which is great. Writes are slower but still a lot faster than normal cards. The best part however is stability.... the Samsung has worked much better than the SanDisk Extreme which regularly disconnects during usage.
Thanks for the information solo. I tried it first and it did not work properly but the reason was the card was defective (bought on eBay). I bought another one from Newegg and it was perfect. I don't know how to measure the speed but it seems fast enough for storing and playing MP3 files.