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Bluetooth headphones / buds.....


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I purchased a pair of Motorola S10-HD phones because they were listed as working with
the Surface RT. I can't seem to pair them at all with the Surface. They pair fine with
my Samsung Tab & a Logitech keyboard pairs fine with the Surface.

Has anyone got a recommendation for some bluetooth earbuds that actually work with
the RT?
Thanks.... J


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Hold down the power button on the Motorola S10-HD until the light stay on blue, then on the Surface hit Charms, Settings, Change PC settings, Devices and then select Add A Device and choose the Motorola S10-HD from the list. Hope this helps.


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Thanks Sin.... I obviously didn't hold start long enough.....
thank you so much! You saved my bacon.... ;-)


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Been there myself. One of the issues with most Bluetooth headsets, since they try to get all the functions into as few buttons as possible.
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