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Bluetooth Mouse Adapter Stuck in Surface 3


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Not sure what happened but I'm unable to remove my Bluetooth mouse adapter from the USB port of my Surface 3. Any suggestions????


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I've had that problem in the past on laptops using those really sort dongles. All I can say is try try again. I had to take a pair of pliers to one as I couldn't get a good grip but make sure you pull straight out or you may damage the port.

Moving this out of FAQs and Guides as it's neither.


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Yes, or very small steps per side! Just parts if a millimeter on one side and parts of a millimeter on the other side. You should be good!

But euh.... why use a bluetooth adapter anyway?


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It probably not a a bluetooth. Typically if it's specific for the mouse and not a universal Bluetooth adapter it called a USB receiver that won't have to be paired like bluetooth. The advantage of a Bluetooth mouse is it doesn't need a USB port and it free it up if your PC has bluetooth build in.


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Yeah, that type of mouse is usually reserved for desktops that don't have built in BT.