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Bluetooth Mouse options


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Can't get the Magic Mouse to work, got the boot camp drivers installed, plus a utility but it works for a few minutes then disconnects. Doesn't reconnect on a reboot either.

Anyone got this working?
I am no longer using the Magic Mouse but, yes, I had it working.

I downloaded the drivers and followed the instructions from this site. However, note that upon reboot or wake from sleep, it takes a couple of clicks for it to reconnect with the Surface.


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I'm also using the Logitech T630. It does not need SetPoint. Fabulous mouse that seems custom made for the Surface Pro 2


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I'm using a magic mouse because I happened to have one and it works OK but not great. It scrolls the page in an opposite manner and while I know of a registry edit fix I'm reluctant to use it yet since I'm experiencing a few other issues with it. I'm going to look at the Logitech mentioned I suppose; or maybe the Apple magic pad as I've wanted one for my hackintosh desktop anyway.


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The Apple Trackpad works after installing some third party software but you don't get all the features. I found it a little too frustrating in the end.


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I agree... it did work, but at the same time frustrating when you know it could do much more. In the end, I purchased a Logitech T630 and am quite pleased with it (admittedly just brought it home from Best Buy Your suggestion of connecting to the 5GHZ band was well-taken. I've done that as well. So far, no disconnects at all with it.

The Apple Trackpad works after installing some third party software but you don't get all the features. I found it a little too frustrating in the end.


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I am using the Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 from Microsoft as wel. Works fine. Pairing no problem. Possibillity to change the amount of scrolling lines.


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I just purchased the Arc Surface mouse and it is awesome.

Bluetooth functionality and folds flat to save space. It is perfect for travel.


I just purchased the Arc Surface mouse and it is awesome.

Bluetooth functionality and folds flat to save space. It is perfect for travel.

I love almost everything about that mouse. But the lack of FW/BK buttons make it a no go.

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I see there hasn't been updates to this thread but since it was useful I thought I would provide my experience. I tried two bluetooth mice. The Razer Orochi 2013 and the Logitech M577. I thought I would love the Razor and did for the first day. I then picked up the Logitech for comparison.

The Razor was nice. I liked the feel and weight but there were some major annoyances. The most annoying thing about it is it's sleep function used to preserve battery life. If you don't use the mouse for a few minutes it enters sleep mode then when you go to use it it takes 5 or so seconds to reestablish the bluetooth connection. Then there is the fact the it only has a stated 30 hour battery life. It is on the small size and is a whopping $70.

I thought I wouldn't like the Logitech mouse because it seamed so basic. It turns out I actually like it (not love it). It is just your basic mouse. No ergonomics or bells and whistles. Since most bluetooth mice seam to be on the small to tiny size I would consider this one as medium, not quite full normal mouse size. It is squarish shaped so it is ambidextrous. There are no side buttons which is a bummer but the scroll wheel (I love Logitech's metal scroll wheels) has a left and right motion which gives you the same forward and back features the side buttons normally give you. This mouse does not suffer from the sleep issue the Razor did. As long as the computer is on the mouse stays connected and usable without interruption. It is marketed as having a year long battery life. It is $40 normally but I found mine for $30. For a major brand bluetooth mouse I find it well worth every penny of $30 and could use an additional feature or two at $40.

With all bluetooth mice there will be a 5 to 10 second delay when waking from sleep or powering up. It is the nature on bluetooth. I hope Logitech comes out with a normal size ergonomic bluetooth mouse. It seams most companies are going for tiny touch mice which I find really annoying. That is just me though.

Also, just an FYI, I have a wedge mouse as well and really don't like it. It is too small, too square with hard edges, and always turns on in my bag. I only really use in confined areas like on an airplane tray.

I would like to try the M.O.U.S. 9 and the R.A.T. M but with mediocre to poor reviews and not being available in stores near me, I just don't want to deal with shipping returns.

I hope this was informative to some.


I have tried a few bluetooth mice over the years for various other devices. my most recent bluetooth mouse the Mad Catz' R.A.T. M.

The RAT M differs in that it has a retractable palm rest. Albeit it is not enough for me so I still only use the mouse lightly.

I am impressed with the battery life and this is what is keeping me away from the Razer Orochi 2013. It's been more than 2 months and no battery issues. Also I have experienced the dreaded 'wake up' time of sleeping mice (V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth). which I quickly gave away.

Yes I am a gamer so what I was looking for was a portable mouse to supplement my Logitech Performance Mouse MX that I use at office. For gaming I am a huge fan of the Razer DeathAdder 2013 (I have 3). The Logitech Performance MX is by FAR more comfortable to use on a long term basis. At my office I have a small USB hub that I have the dongle and keyboard plugged into. It has a built in rechargeable battery via micro-USB.

When I'm travelling to meetings or to the hotel I use the RATM for the moment and am contemplating:
  1. Microsoft Sculpt
  2. Razer Orochi 2013 (I think I have ruled this out)
but like the previous poster, I would like a full sized bluetooth mouse to come out. I did try the MadCatz RAT 5 and I couldn't get comfortable with it so I ruled out the wireless version of this.

I tried the Microsoft ARC mouse and because I am not a finger-tip mouse user it was difficult to adapt to.