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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good Bluetooth mouse to use with the Surface Pro. I have been looking around, and I am kind of surprised at the lack of Bluetooth support available these days. It seems like a few years ago everything was Bluetooth... but now things have reverted back to 2.4Ghz receivers :disappointed:

I ended up picking up a Logitech M510 mouse with the nano USB unifying receiver. The mouse itself is excellent, but I don't like the USB port being tied up permanently for it. And removing it to swap in other devices increases the chance that I am going to lose the receiver somewhere. I've looked online for a true BT mouse, but the search has been rather unsuccessful.

I checked out the Wedge mouse, but it looks rather basic to me. I prefer a more generic style mouse with a physical wheel and side thumb buttons. So most of the new touch mice are not really my kind of thing :/

If I could I would just use my old Logitech MX Laser 1000 mouse I picked up in 2004 (I think it was 04), but sadly that mouse is on it's last legs. I have a 2nd generation MX1000 mouse on my main pc, but Logitech ditched BT on it, so it is stuck being a 2.4Ghz mouse as well.

Any good options out there?
Well, I use the Microsoft Wedge Mouse. There are two versions of this - one a Surface Version and the other a normal one. Difference between the two is the colour and a price difference. I opted for the normal one. You can find details here: Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and Buy Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition - Microsoft Store Online

It appears that both cost the same - this was not so when I bought the Wedge - though I bought it overseas and from Amazon.

Edit: One thing though - the Wedge mouse is small. It's OK for me because I seem to have relatively small hands, but I have read elsewhere that for folks with larger hands, it is a bit uncomfortable. But in terms of functionality and ease of use, I find it is good. Big plus is the portability factor.
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I looked into the Wedge mouse, but it seems like it might be a bit to small for me. Also, it lacks a physical wheel (I can't get used to the touch ones) and side buttons.
I looked into the Wedge mouse, but it seems like it might be a bit to small for me. Also, it lacks a physical wheel (I can't get used to the touch ones) and side buttons.

Sorry, I should have read your original post more carefully! This is what happens if one tries to post things when in the middle of doing other things. Multi-tasking is probably not for me!
what i use is a Genius Mouse, it never gave me issues with connectivity, tracking, response. however, it is an old model, perhaps their new ones will be just as good.
I'm using a Microsoft Sculpt Mouse and it seems to work fairly well. However, it doesn't have a scroll wheel. Instead it uses a raised rectangular "swipe bar" or whatever they call it. It does allow scrolling to the left and right as well as up and down which is nice and you can tell they did that for Windows 8. It's about the size of a medium sized USB or corded mouse so it fits the hand well. If it had a scroll wheel, I'd be even happier with it but as is, it works fairly well for what I need and it does free up that USB port.
I also use the Razer Oroichi mouse. I like how it has the wired option if you don't want to use bluetooth. I got mine from ebay for $55 brand new
I use a Razer Orochi mouse too. It has a physical wheel and 2 buttons on both side. I really love it. The only thing that I didn't satisfied is that the 2 AA batteries can only last for few days(maybe one week depends on your usage, comparing with my logitech M505 which can last for almost 2 years!). I need to charge the batteries every week. But I know this is usual for a wireless gaming mouse because of their high performance. So nothing to complain. And you had better take the wire with this mouse in case of the power drain.
I have bought a Microsoft Wedge mouse and a Microsoft Sculpt mouse, But I really don't like their touch function. So I returned them both.