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New SB 2 15"- Mouse waking PC issue & Lag (alt tab, other)


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Hey everyone, new here and using my first Microsoft Surface 2 15". I had 2 previous Samsung Series 9 laptops which were work horses for my purposes- email, spreadsheets, word, powerpoint, browsing, multiple windows/applications. I upgraded to this machine from the last model 2014 Samsung Series 9 I7 and am scratching my head a little after 2 months with this machine.

1) This one kills me- when I put my computer on sleep each time I shut it down with my logitech bluetooth mouse, the act of closing the lid will vibrate the table, move the mouse, and turn the computer back on in lid down position. I can hear it randomly wake up from time to time as well. Is there a simple fix for this? I have scoured the internet and all I can find is a bunch of registry-like changes. I'm not that savvy but can manage this, but is there another easy option to address this? I've never experienced this before and the same mouse was used on the previous Samsung 9

2) I am really disappointed with the latency/lag when switching between windows and when connected to external display. Alt tabbing between windows will seize/pause for 1-2 seconds sometimes before switching windows across applications. As well, the computer seems to have difficulty outputting to the Samsung external monitor connected USB-C to HDMI. Both Samsungs were lightning fast so I'm a little confused why the lag/delay here. Again, any other ideas/experiences here that could help?

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for this link. I have seen a couple other articles like this that point me to the same thing, but there is no power management feature/proprties in the "Mice and other pointing devices" section of my menu. It's a brand new Logitech mouse. I can see it installed as a device but don't get to select properties or anything.

I've also downloaded the latest logitech software which has no additional settings for this.