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Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!


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Very odd that only certain devices would be affected.

I would tend to agree with what donaldvc posted. I use the Wedge BT mouse and I have not noticed any significant drop in wifi speed - either at home or in public spaces. Regardless, MS should be fixing this, among a few other things.


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I just tried this, I have a sculpt comfort mouse.

It didn't make one difference in terms of speed. Both were generally the same whether the mouse was on or off.


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Same here, I also have the Sculpt Comfort Mouse. BT on or off, no difference at all



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I wonder if it has to do with the version of Bluetooth Radio in the peripheral, 4.0 vs. 3.0 or older...

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I use an old Logitech Bluetooth mouse on the SP. I think they called it a Travel Mouse, not sure.
But it doesn't seem to affect wi-fi speeds.


Just did these tests on my network and it's pretty much identical (average wise) Bluetooth on/off results, marginally better on download for on but delay is better for BT off. The BT mouse I was using was a Razor Orochi. Upload was identical.
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Good lord, where do you live that you get that kind of Internet speed? Ah Amsterdam? Fiber Optic? But your ping is horrible. Weird.

That is so weird you have the same mouse and no issues. What a mystery.

I have Cable internet 150/15, like it very much :)

The difference must be sofware- and driver version. I use Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition. The driver version I will post later.