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Possible solution Bluetooth mouse disconnects


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Maybe this is a problem I only have, but I want to share what I have done trying to solve it. I have a Microsoft Sculpt comfort mouse. The problem is that all the time I use the mouse, it hangs for a few seconds and after that working fine. That is a continue process. Very annoying.

What I did was rolling back the driver in the properties settings. The result of that is that the Marvell Bluetooth drivers are being uninstalled and the original Microsoft driver (from 2006!) is being used from that moment. And, that did the trick for me. Till now no disconnects anymore.

I hope it can help other SP users.
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This didn't work for me in the end. What did work was changing to a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection therefore getting rid of any 2.4GHz conflict between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth... been like this for weeks now and has been perfect.
I'll definitely try that but can you please tell me what to uninstall in case changing the frequency didn't work?
I wouldn't bother uninstalling anything tbh. I did actually get my first hang last night... but it wasn't the usual, i.e. hanging when the Wi-Fi is overly active (such as downloading a big file) this just seems to be a bit of a characteristic of bluetooth products, but it's very rare so doesn't bother me too much.