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Bluetooth numeric keypad?

Like most posters I've had the sundry of tablets and portable devices in the past, ipad 1,2,3, kindle, even the "original" t1000 (heavy) tablet with the Wacom pen that had the spring loaded slot...hint hint MS...that was a major plus.
I have found myself doing more work on my Surface than anticipated. On my first day off in 4 months, instead of on the sofa playing games and "getting to know" my Surface, I found myself attaching it to my TV RDPing into my office's servers. I'd like to keep my Surface portable and not bogged down with extras. Don't love the tactile keyboard, but can live with it. Mostly, just want, OK, need a numeric keypad. Definitely don't want to use the USB port. I've searched on Amazon, but haven't had any luck. Has anyone here found and used a Bluetooth numeric keypad that they endorse? Many thanks for your time reading this.