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Bluetooth Tethering with a normal cellphone, does that work?


New Member

I´m about buying a new cellphone.

I had a WM 6.5 phone but now I don´t want to have a Touchscreen anymore...I would like to have a Barrel phone with a normal keypad but there´s one Thing I need that´s perhaps the biggest problem.

The phone needs to have possibility for tethering an Internet Connection for my Surface RT.

Is there any phone that works together with the Surface RT...perhaps with a Bluetooth Connection?

Until now I always did it with my HTC with Win Mobile 6.5 and a Bluetooth Connection...that was pretty easy and fast...

If there´s something creating a wifi-hotspot let me know...but it has to be a full range hotspot (not like the ones you can create with the Nokia S60 that don´t work with Exchange, Outlook and all that stuff).

Thanks a lot for any help
I actually started a thread in another section just a few days about this... so far I haven't figured it out. I just use tethering over wifi or USB, it allows full access etc. although this is with a Surface Pro (and iPhone)