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Bobj's Introduction


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Bobj's Introduction

Please allow me to introduce myself,

BobjGear is a new, but growing, company based in Central Florida. I am Bobj, the founder of this company. My goal is to provide quality Accessories for Tablets, including Protective Cases and their Travel Bags. I am also involved developing electronic accessories to make your Tablets as functional and versatile as possible.

Let me start by saying I am excited to have joined this SURFACE forum, and I am enthusiastic about making Superior Heavy Duty Protective Cases for them. I already make "Bobj" cases for Toshiba Tablets, ASUS, and iPads, and tablet owners have been delighted with the product. Nexus7, Samsung, and ACER Cases are coming on line between now and October. As the new SURFACE Tablets are introduced, I will be making protective cases for them, as well. I joined the forum as a Sponsoring Vendor now, because I like to develop the Bobj Cases with participation of forum members. So if there are issues you want addressed, please let me know. I am not one of the big-name vendors with lots of styles of cases for each tablet. I prefer to personally design just one great protective case per model, as well as it can be designed with your participation, offer it in six to eight colors, and at a reasonable price. I usually go through more than one prototype on the way to production, and I usually try to find a few beta testers on the forum to help me improve the prototypes.

I look forward to working with you on the development of the Bobj Cases for SURFACE, and I also look forward to participating on the forum in general, as I have many years IT and Network experience, so I spend a lot of time solving folks technical problems as well. I hope to make many new friends on this forum and expect I will also become reacquainted with older friends also.



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Thanks for the intro. Being in Florida myself and conducting business on the water I am hoping for a case that will not slip from moving surfaces and be black in color. I'm looking forward to watching your case unfold.