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Bottom sticker problem


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I noticed this weekend that there is a little black sticker around the keyboard accessory connection that fills in the bottom port (for lack of a better description). Even though I keep my type cover attached 99.9% of the time, the sticker had become dislodged and shoved into the big holes that align the keyboard (The bits at the red arrow are the problem). I had noticed over the last week or so some weirdness with my keyboard where I needed to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. Now, after looking at the sticker wadded up in the hole, I think it was preventing the keyboard from connecting completely. To solve the problem, I ended up using a nail clipper and just cutting the sticker before and after the hole (see the green bits). This seems to work fine. I might have to trim some more as you can see the sticker lifting right by the little keyboard connectors. It bugs me that this happened but not enough to go thru the process of exchanging and restoring the tablet.