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Surface Pro 2017 Screen smudges


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Hey, i came across some green-ish smudges on my new Surface Pro which was bought early 2018
The smudges are located at the bottom center of the screen (where you connect the keyboard) and there are 2 big spots about 1-1.5 centimeters wide each and then a small spot a bit to the left. My guess is that there was pressure to to the screen whilst it was carried in my case, is this normal? After applying minor pressure to the monitor i can confirm that it did spread a little bit and since then i've refrained from doing so. Is there any solution to this or is it a repair issue under warranty?
I looked up another forum post about it but it didnt mention any solution other than send it back for repair.
Here is the post i came across on Reddit;
(Can be found under title "Green smear-like spot on SP4 display :Surface", direct link removed by moderator).
The smear does indeed only show itself on black backgrounds and does appear more visibly if i increase the screen brightness. However it doesn't show on other backgrounds


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You should talk with a Microsoft rep on the phone, or take it in. This is not a typical problem, so you may indeed have a manufacturing defect.


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Not sure if this is at all the same, but that's about how my screen appeared before my defective battery expanded enough to actually bulge the screen from its frame. Only difference, IIRC, was that it was more to the left of the screen than in the middle. When your SP is turned off, is the reflection off the blank screen surface still like a mirror, or does it have distortions?