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Solved Bought wrong microphone for recording lectures, will this adapter work?


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It will haunt my dreams and wake me in the middle of the night if I don't fix this...

I am exactly the same, I completely sympathize.

The good news is that you will soon be an expert on this issue, and will be the go-to guy for anyone else having the problem! :D

Maybe a small strip of black electrical tape to cover the red LED ring...


I think you're right. The Surface headphone jack has contacts for stereo headphones and a mono mic. Like iPhone earbuds. That adapter you mentioned is what you need to get mic towork in the jack.
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How are you able to save a portion of the screen like this @ScottyS ? I can double tap the top of the pen to take a screen shot and then select the area, but then it inserts it into Onenote. Is there a way you're saving just the selected are as an image? Thanks


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You can take a screenshot of just the active window when a (real) keyboard is attached by pressing Alt+Print Screen, or use the Snipping Tool or Send To OneNote to click and drag your selection. But to ink the image the easiest is to insert it into OneNote (or other image editing app that supports pen drawing) and then use Snipping Tool to recopy the image+ink to clipboard.