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buying from microsoft store online vs pc world (uk)



yeh i wanted to get mine from PC world but the i5 8gb ram 256hd is out of stock might try john lewis too but someone mentioned they didnt stock one i wanted

will keep checking pcworld see if they get stock in


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Don't order with PC World. I pre ordered the i7 because of the £100 cashback. I cancelled the order last Saturday and reordered with Microsoft. It was a total farce with PC World. Despite their site twice saying they had stock, my order didn't ship. Twice I phoned them and they told me that they had the stock in the warehousr and dispatch would be that same day. But eventually they admitted to never having stock. They finally sent a ludicrous bulk email saying some waffle about "holding their hands up in error", and that they had no stock ETA and that they would automatically cancel the order unless I called them.
My surface arrived from MS within one business day, and the 10% cash back from quidco seems to be processing properly.


This is because MS are struggling with stock levels and 3rd parties are last in line currently
Surprising really. Are the SP3 devices really selling that well, or did they just severely underestimate demand (perhaps basing it off of demand from the older devices?)
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