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Synchronising Outlook RT with Outlook 2010


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I have been using a Surface RT for a few months, and been able to synchronise mail, calendar and contacts with the tiles provided. I decided to have a look at Outlook on the Surface when it was updated to 8.1, and when I opened it, I was able to synchronise my e-mails but nothing else. I need to synchronise e-mails, calendar and contacts. I use outlook 2010 on my laptop and this uses an outlook.com address for the synchronisation. My normal e-mail account is gmail but it linked to outlook.com. This has not caused problem previously.

I need some guidance on setting up the surface RT as it currently states Calendar (this computer only) at the top of the screen, which is not helpful.

I would appreciate some help on how to link the two calendars and contacts together so that they synchronise. Any help would be much appreciated.


When you say gmail is "linked" to your Outlook.com account, can you clarify?

When you were setting up Outlook on the Surface, did you use the gmail or Outlook.com account? And can you check in Outlook on the Surface, go File>Account Settings>Account Settings and see what's shown in the Type column for your Outlook.com account? Is it "Exchange ActiveSync"